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Current Season - Summer 2023/24

Uniform Full Set

Singlet & Shorts  $100.00

Uniform Singlet

Singlet Only

Uniform Shorts

Shorts Only

Eagles Backpack

Backpack $48.00

Our Values
To promote good sportsmanship on and off the court,
to ensure inclusion for all playing abilities.
Our Aim
To provide a safe and fun environment for players
whilst learning the fundamentals of basketball.
Our Focus
Is on developing all junior players, developing their
basketball skills along with the values of teamwork,
good sportsmanship and leadership.
Our Benefits
Being part of a community based club in a team,
where players can be active, make friends, have fun
and develop basketball skills.

Become a Sponsor

Join us in supporting the thrilling world of basketball as a proud sponsor of our club!

As a sponsor, you’ll have the opportunity to align your brand with our exciting and dynamic basketball community.

By investing in our club, you’ll gain valuable exposure and recognition among a passionate fan base, both on and off the court.

Together, we can inspire the next generation of basketball stars and foster a sense of teamwork, perseverance and sportsmanship.

Become a valued sponsor and make a lasting impact on our club and the sport we love.

Sponsors' logos prominently displayed on the front and back of players' singlets.

Inclusion of sponsors' logos on our dedicated sponsors page, with a direct link to their website for increased visibility.

Sponsors' logos featured on all our media flyers, both printed and on social media platforms, for widespread exposure.

As an added bonus, each sponsor will receive one singlet with their logo prominently printed on it.

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